Foster is a collective of writers, editors, and subject-matter experts passionate about supporting writers and their stories. Together, we turn rough drafts into polished pieces of writing.

Foster contributors are given access to a feed of curated drafts to which they can contribute strategy, research, expertise, development or copywriting. Contributions are rewarded with cash and co-ownership in our collective.

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How It Works

As contributors, we spend our time helping writers tell the stories burning inside them. Contributors help writers in a variety of ways, including content edits, structural edits, copy edits, line edits, and proofreading. The Contributor Community has collaborated on thousands of drafts, from vulnerable personal essays to short stories, viral Twitter threads, and more.

🔎 Choose A Draft

Right now there is a feed of ~50 drafts/week, constantly growing across a wide range of topics. As a contributor, you can support drafts that catch your interest, and over time similar topics will be surfaced to you based on the kinds of drafts you’ve contributed to in the past.

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✍️ Add Contributions

Contributions span the gamut of research, copyediting, developmental feedback, subject-matter-expertise and encouraging critique – you can contribute based on your own expertise and what you think the piece needs.You can suggest edits, give structural feedback, provide thoughts on how a writer can go deeper, make an introduction, share how a piece made you feel, leave comments on how it can be more impactful or suggest a resource.

💸 Earn Cash & THANKs

Every draft that goes through Foster will have a cash bounty and THANKs attached to it.

There are up to 20 THANKs per draft shared in Foster. The writer who shares the draft decides how to distribute these THANKs amongst contributors to the draft.

THANKs play multiple functions in Foster. Firsty, THANKs received by a contributor serve as weighting for distribution of cash bounties. The more value you contribute, the more you earn. Secondly, THANKs unlock benefits such as NFT ownership in Foster DAO. NFTs give contributors governance rights in Foster’s DAO which decides the direction of the collective across various functions and other special powers.

📋 Application Process